Testimonial – MTHFR+ and You Teleconference!

MTHFR+ and You Teleconference!

Testimonials from Weekly Teleconferences

Your calls are very helpful.

I like the way you are answering both the short questions and the type of question where someone gives there history and symptoms and then you answer questions.   Both types seem to be helpful.

I don’t like to use the phone to listen so I wait until the replay is available and so if I don’t understand something I can just rewind.

Thanks for these calls your putting out!



Thank you very much for your webinar today. I am a Feldenkrais Practitioner here in Orange County and am so excited you are so close by. Your talks both inspire me and help me to further understand what I am already so very passionate about. I work a lot with my own clients helping them to understand their biochemistry, genetics, and more when they come for Feldenkrais lessons. I work mainly with very difficult cases and many children who come from around the world with autism and other very serious neurological and developmental issues, yet undiagnosed.

I am very excited to be able to learn more from you, and am hoping I can bring some of the children from my practice to you.

If you ever give classes or talks in S Cal, I would love to come!! You are incredible, and so sharing. It truly is the way we can make this world a better place, like you said at the end of your talk. I held on to every note and it made my evening. Tonite, I go to be with your printout of your paper on Gastrointestinal Bal and Neurotransmitter Formation. It will be such great reading to think thru the rest of the nite hours. Then, tomorrow, I will indulge myself in Methionine and Methylation. Oh what a way to start my day!

Again, thank you a million times, you are a blessing and make my day, which in turn gets shared beyond amply!

very warmly,


I would like to express my gratitude for the conference call you held last night. It was my first time attending your conference calls and I found it very informative. I especially appreciate the actionable advices you provided during the call, such as your suggestions on the reason for avoiding the B12 vitamins at the start and work on the “short route” instead. I would love to attend any further conference calls that you plan to hold, as I found the subject of methylation poorly understood by the mainstream medical community. Your generous sharing of this valuable knowledge, not to mention your time, is greatly appreciated!


You were great! You passion for helping people really showed through. I especially liked it when you brought up Boston and the overwhelming need for raising the vibration of the universe. I relate to these very sick people, because I’ve been there and have suffered financially, too. It’s a horrible, complicated problem, but I got the distinct feeling, for the first time in years, that someone actually understands the process, in all of its convoluted (to my layman’s brain) details. The connection with Lyme, Mold, MARCOns, staph, etc., the toxic metals those organisms hold, etc. Wow. It’s complicated, but the picture is beginning to make sense…After listening tonight, I have hope that I may be able to regain my health.


Dear Dr. Mullan,

Thank you so much for continuing to make this valuable information available. I look forward to hearing the replay.


Just a quick note to say thank you so much!! I felt like you said a number of things that made sense to me and gave me some tips about what I possibly need to take as well as some I may need to cut back on or stop taking. I appreciate so much your kind heart and the time you took with me.

I will listen to the replay and take good notes, and I will look at the things from your website that you mentioned.


Dr. Mullan, very impressed with you taking time out of your busy life, to help us in need, it says alot your character, and soul, to want to spread health, very impressed…

i think we should make a phone consult…


I’ve just gotten off your call and want to thank you most sincerely for the loving heart you have and the information you are sharing!


Thanks Dr. M~

I very much enjoyed the information today, and hope to share the call with others.

I can imagine how much work it is for you, and I appreciate it!



About Nancy Mullan, MD

Some people call Dr. Nancy Mullan the MTHFR genetic medicine expert. Dr. Mullan works with people who are struggling with chronic disease or other significant illness, who are willing to use diet and genetics-based nutritional supplementation, and who want to increase wellbeing and energy, enhance immunity, lift mood, fine-tune genetic function, and get their lives back. Dr. Mullan has studied at a number of exceptional institutions: the University of Pennsylvania, Tufts University School of Medicine, and the University of Chicago Hospitals and Clinics. She excels at integrating the results of biochemical and genetic testing into sustained clinical improvement for you. She has succeeded with patients who confounded the specialists at Massachusetts General Hospital, the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, Stanford, and many well-known integrative medical doctors. When recommending her, her patients say, “This is the woman you need to talk to. She really knows how to handle tough clinical problems.” Dr. Mullan's specialty areas are MTHFR+, methylation genetics, and genetics-based nutritional supplementation. Within this context, she most often works with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme Disease, Psychiatric Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Women’s Health Issues, Thyroid Disorder, Gastrointestinal Disorder, and Heavy Metal Toxicity.
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One Response to Testimonial – MTHFR+ and You Teleconference!

  1. sherleeholmes says:

    Dr. Mullan, thank you for your time and effort educating us. I appreciate you doing these teleseminars. I am learning a lot. Please continue. You are a lighthouse for those of us on the stormy waters of chronic illness. My best, SherLee

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