Cutting to the Chase?

I am a great believer in deliverance, like deliverance from plagues and other catastrophes. I believe that there is a solution found in nature for every problem found in nature. I have lived by this, and it has served me. So very instinctively, I have been looking for easy, relatively quick, and definitely less expensive, less damaging solutions for the Lyme and related co infections epidemic that is going on. Something simple and obvious and low tech, the opposite of what we have been doing. I am looking for something heaven-sent, something like dipping yourself in the Jordan River seven times…

It is impossible for me to accept that there is not an easily accessible solution like that for us in this day. So many good people are affected, and are sincerely requesting healing from Universal Energy, God, whatever you choose to call It. My own life experience has been that the solution I needed was there for me even before I knew I needed it, but it was my part to discover it, my job to turn over the rock that it happened to be under, and my task to actually put it into practice, to believe against my disbelief and do it, even though it may have seemed too simple. Those of you who have been coming on the Mastermind Calls on Tuesday night have been witness to some of my suggested experimentation, ideas that seem to simple to work, too inexpensive to really be worth anything.  Anyway, moving past our just about universal lack of faith, I continue to urge you to try the simple solutions, time honored ways of dealing with infection.

It has long been known that bacteria cannot live in very high salt environments. That’s right: salt, sodium chloride. I wrote you before about one woman’s experience recounted here:

The Salt Cure

I think she took a great risk eating that much salt, especially regular salt from a regular pharmacy. Who knows what was in that. But I have been recommending sea salt soaks. The sicker you are, the lower your blood pressure, the more thrashed your adrenals, the more likely this simple intervention can help. It definitely will not help if you do not take the trouble to do it, that’s for sure.

I have recently been reminded about another simple intervention, high dose IV Vitamin C. The only thing not so simple about this is keeping your doctor from adding substances other than Vitamin C to the IV… In 1949, high dose parenterally administered Vitamin C showed its potency against viral infection, specifically the polio virus. It was ignored, of course. It was too simple, and it would not accrue vast profits to pharmaceutical firms. But here is an account of what happened:

Dr. Frederick Klenner’s Phenominal Discovery

Andrew W. Saul has continued the legacy of IV Vitamin C today:

So, now the big question is, what are you going to do with this information? Are you going to go to the trouble of doing one or both of these interventions and seeing what happens? Or will you just sit on the information waiting for it to hatch…

My Tuesday night call is your chance to learn what you need to know to get important areas of your life and biochemistry straightened out.

I take your questions on many topics, among them lithium and the impact of your personal genetics on your biochemistry.

I discuss how to balance your biochemistry with nutritional supplements that bypass problem genetics.

It is up to YOU to learn about treating chronic illness successfully.

You need to know about the role of optimizing both methyl group production and  your capacity for methylation.

This is your opportunity.

My Tuesday evening calls are ongoing.  They happen every week. There is no charge to come on this call.  It is free forum where you can ask your questions.  It’s a great way to clear up confusion, overcome the obstacles you may be having, and get on the path to wellness.

The time:  Tuesday at 5:00 PM Pacific Time

(8:00 PM Eastern, 7:00 PM Central, 6:00 PM Mountain)

The number to call in the US: (559) 726-1300

The access code: 986935#

International access numbers are available.

Join us to inform yourself so that you can be proactive about your health!

So excellent!  I literally learn something on every single call and I get clarification on things that have been lingering on my mind…

You are giving people a huge gift by empowering them…It’s about helping the patient become their own healer by taking them to a higher level of consciousness…

Thank you so much Dr. Mullan.  Thank you so, so much for everything you do.

Wow!  I have to tell you, this was such an uplifting call.  It’s so nice to hear good news especially about a child.  Anxiety, OCD and a host of other mental/psychiatric symptoms have been a huge hurdle for me. So to hear this story of all those awful symptoms totally going away is such a bright light for me!!!!


Nancy Mullan MD

Author, lecturer, clinician,
Dr. Nancy Mullan is best known for her natural treatment of chronic illness, including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Lyme and MTHFR+.

2829 Burbank Blvd., Suite 202, Burbank, CA  91505
T: (818) 954-9267 – F:(818) 954-0620


About Nancy Mullan, MD

Some people call Dr. Nancy Mullan the MTHFR genetic medicine expert. Dr. Mullan works with people who are struggling with chronic disease or other significant illness, who are willing to use diet and genetics-based nutritional supplementation, and who want to increase wellbeing and energy, enhance immunity, lift mood, fine-tune genetic function, and get their lives back. Dr. Mullan has studied at a number of exceptional institutions: the University of Pennsylvania, Tufts University School of Medicine, and the University of Chicago Hospitals and Clinics. She excels at integrating the results of biochemical and genetic testing into sustained clinical improvement for you. She has succeeded with patients who confounded the specialists at Massachusetts General Hospital, the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, Stanford, and many well-known integrative medical doctors. When recommending her, her patients say, “This is the woman you need to talk to. She really knows how to handle tough clinical problems.” Dr. Mullan's specialty areas are MTHFR+, methylation genetics, and genetics-based nutritional supplementation. Within this context, she most often works with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme Disease, Psychiatric Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Women’s Health Issues, Thyroid Disorder, Gastrointestinal Disorder, and Heavy Metal Toxicity.
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