Have You Signed This Yet? Have You Sent It To A Friend?

*****SB277 has now been ammended!!!!!*****

Homeschoolers will now be required to vaccinate if they attend any classroom instruction!!! THIS WAS ADDED TO THE BILL WITHIN THE LAST TWO DAYS. THE SENATE VOTES ON THIS TODAY. IF IT PASSES, THE GOVERNOR CAN SIGN IT INTO LAW AS EARLY AS THE NEXT FEW DAYS. You need to call your senator and tell him this is not the bill he voted on! Sign the petition below for Governor Brown! Email him and ask him to veto!


California needs to urgently mobilize to oppose SB 277, a bill that would remove all non-medical exemptions to vaccinations. SB 277 affects almost all children and withholds education from them by forcing them into medical procedures that may not be appropriate for all children.

Do you have contacts — Facebook, e-list, or just a regular database? Are you connected to any celebs or spokespersons with a wide audience? HELP spread this petition! Proponents of SB277 delivered a petition with 32,000 signatures of support yesterday at a press conference….Here is our opportunity to match that or ideally beat it. Currently, we have almost 24,000 signatures, so let’s make a huge push Friday-Sunday to get to over 30,000. Please don’t hesitate; we must act now to get this petition up to 50,000 signatures this weekend. After you and your spouse have signed, commit to share with at least 20 of your friends and family this weekend, and ask them to share widely! Petition signatures will be delivered early next week.


CALL and FAX the Governor!
Call: # 1-916-445-2841
Fax: # 1-916-558-3160

The US Supreme Court recognizes vaccines to be “unavoidably unsafe” (http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/10pdf/09-152.pdf) and to cause injury and death in some recipients. The US government has paid out more than $3 billion to the victims of vaccine injury. Hundreds of thousands have reported an adverse reaction to vaccination. Vaccine package inserts warn of the risk of brain damage, life-threatening allergy, and death and no one knows in advance who will be harmed by a vaccine.

Talking Points:

1) You have DEEP concerns about SB277 and are strongly opposed to it.

2) Why this is personal to you: a vaccine reaction in someone you know, harassment, etc.

3) SB 277 would deny unvaccinated or partially unvaccinated children equal access to a public education in California.

4) This is discrimination against all parents who don’t want to vaccinate but who can’t or don’t want to home school.

5) California law requires a public education for all children, so SB 277 violates existing law.

6) SB 277 violates the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act which requires that parents be informed of risks and make a voluntary decision – if parents are being coerced by having a public education removed from them they are not giving voluntary informed consent.

7) Unless legislators intend to enforce a total police state whereby all people are segregated according to vaccine status for church, movie theaters, grocery stores, malls, libraries, museums, sporting events, all public transportation, restaurants, playgrounds, and children’s play-dates, SB 277 discriminates against children.

8) Unless legislators intend to require all adults to be vaccinated against all so-called “vaccine preventable diseases” or to provide proof of immunity thereof, SB 277 discriminates against children.

9) Unless legislators intend to require all visitors to the state of California to be vaccinated against all so-called “vaccine preventable diseases” or to provide proof of immunity thereof, SB 277 discriminates against children.

10) Your body and your children’s bodies do not belong to the state. You want to be free to choose how you nourish and keep yourselves healthy. This bill takes away the right to informed consent to vaccination for our children. You are pro-information and pro-civil rights.

11) The safety of vaccines is not absolute and no medical doctor would sign a statement that vaccine safety is absolute. The US Supreme Court recognizes vaccines to be “unavoidably unsafe” (http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/10pdf/09-152.pdf) and to cause injury and death in some recipients. The US government has paid out more than $3 billion to the victims of vaccine injury. Hundreds of thousands have reported an adverse reaction to vaccination. Vaccine package inserts warn of the risk of brain damage, life-threatening allergy, and death and no one knows in advance who will be harmed by a vaccine.

12) Vaccines fail even in fully vaccinated people and no one knows who will not respond to a vaccine nor how quickly the vaccine’s protection will wane if it did provoke a response in the first place.

13) Vaccinated individuals can spread disease for several weeks after receiving a live virus vaccine.

14) Vaccine makers and the healthcare providers who administer them bear zero liability for vaccine injuries and deaths. Vaccine makers have no incentive to make vaccines safe.

15) Most of the vaccines given today are for diseases that are either rare or mild. For example, there have been no deaths from measles during the last 10 years, but 108 deaths reported after the MMR vaccine during the same time period.

16) It is immoral to force a person to inject a pharmaceutical product into their body, or anything for that matter, even more so when that product could injure or kill them.

17) There are many other ways to stay healthy: a healthy diet, adequate rest, sunshine and exercise, etc. without any risk of vaccine injury.

18) If we mandate vaccines, will we also mandate other medical procedures, such as fetal ultrasound, mammograms and colonoscopy? Will we dictate medical procedures based on genetic testing? Will we have a medical police to determine whether someone can leave the house with a cough?

19) Children today receive 69 doses of vaccines for 16 different viral and bacterial illnesses which more than doubles the government childhood schedule of 34 doses of 11 different vaccines in the year 2000. A vaccine exemption is filed regardless of whether it is for one dose or all doses. Thirty-five doses and 5 more unique vaccines have been added to the schedule in the last 15 years. Those supporting forced vaccination are being dishonest by not acknowledging the exploding vaccine schedule while sounding alarms over small increases in overall non-medical exemptions.

20) There are hundreds of new vaccines in development including some of the following in clinical trials: HIV, herpes, E. coli, dengue fever, avian influenza, smallpox, tuberculosis, typhoid, norovirus, cholera, smoking cessation, syphilis, and gonorrhea. If vaccine manufactures and others who profit from forced vaccination convince legislators to take away our right to delay or decline a vaccine now, what will our future look like?

21) In the past 5 years, drug makers have paid the U.S. Government 19.2 billion in criminal and civil FRAUD penalties. Skepticism of the pharmaceutical industry is well deserved.

22) Physicians, in the American Medical Association Code of Ethics, affirm philosophical and religious exemptions for themselves. See Opinion 9.133 Routine Universal Immunization of Physicians. Parents should have that same right.

23) Existing California law (AB 2109 Pan) required consultation with a doctor before receiving a personal exemption has been in effect for only one year. In this time there has been a 20% reduction in parents seeking a personal exemption (opt out rate dropped from 3.15% to 2.5%). If the goal is to increase the number of children vaccinated, then we need do nothing more than let the existing law work. Taking the unjustified and intrusive step of eliminating a parent’s right to exercise informed consent when making medical decisions for their children and potentially harm ANY child for the “greater good” is unwarranted, unconstitutional and un-American.

24) A few people have reported to coordinators in California that they have met with their senators and assembly members or their staff, in person, either in their offices or in the field. After hearing the personal stories, seeing the kids and being told that this bill means there is no way out, they are very surprised. They are also surprised if you tell them that there are many other parents and pediatricians that are afraid of giving their real names, because they are scared they are going to be targeted. They really don’t get the implications of the bill. So please make a trip to their offices this week – if possible, on Thursday or Friday as they are more likely to be there in person. Put it in your calendar so you don’t forget. If you have gone and have a partner, grandparent or someone else that can also go in, please have them do that. Representative info can be found at the bottom of the Against SB277 website: http://www.sb277.org/when-how-becoming-a-law.html

Nancy Mullan MD

Author, lecturer, clinician
Dr. Nancy Mullan is best known for her natural treatment of chronic illness, including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Lyme and MTHFR+.

2829 Burbank Blvd., Suite 202, Burbank, CA 91505
T: (818) 954-9267 – F: (818) 954-0620



About Nancy Mullan, MD

Some people call Dr. Nancy Mullan the MTHFR genetic medicine expert. Dr. Mullan works with people who are struggling with chronic disease or other significant illness, who are willing to use diet and genetics-based nutritional supplementation, and who want to increase wellbeing and energy, enhance immunity, lift mood, fine-tune genetic function, and get their lives back. Dr. Mullan has studied at a number of exceptional institutions: the University of Pennsylvania, Tufts University School of Medicine, and the University of Chicago Hospitals and Clinics. She excels at integrating the results of biochemical and genetic testing into sustained clinical improvement for you. She has succeeded with patients who confounded the specialists at Massachusetts General Hospital, the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, Stanford, and many well-known integrative medical doctors. When recommending her, her patients say, “This is the woman you need to talk to. She really knows how to handle tough clinical problems.” Dr. Mullan's specialty areas are MTHFR+, methylation genetics, and genetics-based nutritional supplementation. Within this context, she most often works with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme Disease, Psychiatric Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Women’s Health Issues, Thyroid Disorder, Gastrointestinal Disorder, and Heavy Metal Toxicity.
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