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A Critical Gene For Your Health

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Have you been to 60 doctors and still have no answers? Are you feeling hopeless about regaining your health? If you don’t know about your MTHFR C677T gene status, you … Continue reading

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MTHFR A1298C, Neurotransmitter Production, and Depression

MTHFR A1298C works in an entirely different way from MTHFR C677T or MTHFR 03. It performs a regulatory function. It regulates the amount of SAMe, S-adenosyl methionine that is produced. SAMe is your body’s main methyl group supplier. It is necessary to have not too many and not too few methyl groups. Their production is strictly regulated. Continue reading

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MTHFR Mutations, Depression, and Other Chronic Illness

What would happen if all the traffic lights in your county started to malfunction at the same time? Say they all came on and stayed on. Or they all went dark. Even lesser degrees of malfunction, delays in lights’ changing … Continue reading

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