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“I’d rather try to change someone’s religion than his diet.” Sidney Baker, MD

Every time I tell the average person that it is necessary to eat organic, I cringe a little. I know that it automatically puts me in the same category as a wacked-out nut. They think about all the restaurants that are … Continue reading

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Critical Keys to Getting Over Psychiatric Symptoms

Keep Methylation Central There are few things that destroy your life as immediately and completely as the cognitive function loss involved with neuropsychiatric syndromes. I am Dr. Nancy Mullan. I help people who have mental function disability because of psychosis or … Continue reading

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Empower Yourself! REPLAY- June 25th, 2013 Clinical Conference Call

MTHFR+ Clinical Conference Call . Click Here to hear a replay of the June 25th, 2013 call! . The call is morphing into a forum! You help other callers solve their issues, something most of you love to do, while … Continue reading

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